5 Things a Leading SEO Company Include in Their Services!

SEO Company

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that doesn’t need any introduction these days! According to a survey, almost 63% of SMBs invest in every leading SEO company in Australia. And if you have made your mind to consider SEO for your business, learn first what the services include!

What do SEO services generally include?

Admit it or not, but SEO services in Canberra have become the epitome of business growth! But before you step forward, it’s better to know about the complete package of the service. Such as:

Keyword research

The first thing that SEO services focus on is the top rank in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) on Google and Bing. And using the right keyword can increase your website visibility in the search results related to your brand, products, and services! For example, if you run a bakery store, keywords like wedding bakery cakes or custom bakery cookies can rank your brand.

On-site optimization

This crucial component of SEO optimizes your website features for the search engines like Google and Bing. On-page optimization in SEO includes:

  • Sitemap creation
  • Keep the meta description, header tags, and title tags up-to-date
  • Internal linking structure audit
  • Research and optimize relevant keywords
  • Analyze the design and speed of the site

Site audit

At Serene Business Services, our experts take an insight into your current website strategy with an SEO audit and identify the areas that need improvements. Also, it can help you create custom strategies suitable for your brand and audience needs!

Competitor analysis

The SEO experts take an in-depth look into the online and offline competitors of your brand. It helps them create a custom strategy and ideate the rival businesses’ weaknesses while spotting the opportunities.

Off-page optimization

SEO focuses on the factors, optimizing your website from outside to improve the SERP ranking. For instance:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Develop shareable content
  • ‘Google My Business’ profile optimization and more

Last but not least, contact us to get SEO services for your business website today if required!

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