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Outsourced Accounting Service

Are you after a trusted business service provider? Seeking an excellent business process outsourcing service? Search no more because you have come to the right place! At Serene Business Services we’re with you through every single phase of outsourcing your accounts department.

From on location process mapping to training the dedicated staff and all the way through to serving the accounts service – we will be by your side in every step. And our productive approach will never let you down.

We offer a comprehensive solution and we hold extensive knowledge in this domain. We have come up with an effective solution to help increase the flexibility within your business. So, let us get in touch!

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Let Us be Your Accounts Department!

Local Account Managers at Your Service

Do you need a complete solution for business process outsourcing? We can help. We will provide you with designated accounts staff that will not charge you as much as hiring someone internally. These staff members are capable of assisting in various areas of the business. We come with the knowledge of bookkeeping, accounts payables/receivables, payroll, etc.

You’d be surprised at how much you save with a fixed annual charge. So, give our services a shot and make it happen!

Complete Management

Who We Are

Serene Business Services is one of the most trusted bookkeeping firms in Australia, operating for years. We are trusted by hundreds of businesses for managing their accounts. Also, since we’re a CPA accounting firm, all of our bookkeepers can access the CPA accountants for help, if required.

We have come with our business process outsourcing service to offer you dedicated accounts staff, outsourcing whole business processes for boosting efficiency, reliability and saving money!

We take pride in our consultative approach. We will visit your office for mapping your accounting activities. Thus, we will refine this and implement a viable solution accordingly.

Comprehensive Solution

Super Flexible in Approach

You can fully rely on our experienced staff. We will come onsite so we could assess your accounting process as well as infrastructure. Experts will design the procedure and then arrange the experienced staff to manage the work while handling the function overall. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general accounts management – leave it all over to us.

We offer start-to-end solutions for small to mid-size companies. Our approach reduces outlay while increasing efficiency. You will surely benefit from our flexible approach.

We will offer a tailored solution regardless of how complex the procedure is, what systems you are using, or what industry you come from. If you need an accounts person, simply call us.